12 ianuarie 2012

Dakota Fanning pe coperta Elle si Cosmopolitan

Dakota Fanning pe coperta numarului din februarie al revistei Elle UK Cover girl: Dakota FanningTanara actrita americanaDakota Fanning (17 ani) este vedeta numarului din februarie al revistei “Elle” UK. Blondina poarta o rochie Prada pe coperta, in timp ce in pictorialul intitulat Dakota Will See You Now si realizat de fotografulDavid Slijper s-au folosit si creatii Louis VuittonMiu Miu siDolce & Gabbana.
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* On normalcy: “I went to a competely normal high school, and my friends are still the core group I met when I was 14 (…)My friends are like «Oh wow, I just forget that you do movies»… But I’m definitely part of that, too. I just want to be an actress. I don’t really do anything attention-grabbing. Famous just sounds so pretentious. Who am I to call myself that word?
* On her youthful age of 17-years-old: “I feel like I’ve lived a long time, but then I realize I’m actually only 17. I don’t think there should be an age limit on an interest, do you know what I mean?
* On not letting talk about her physical appearance affect her: “You can’t worry about what other people think, especially if you’re a known person or sometimes you won’t be able to get out of bed (…) I’m not stupid. People are always talking about this person and that person who has an amazing body and this person who looks great and that person who doesn’t. It’s there, if you let it in. And I let it in to an extent. I just don’t let it affect the choices I make
Dakota Fanning in numarul din februarie al revistei Elle UK Cover girl: Dakota Fanning
* On her younger sister Elle: “She is incredibly free-spirited and totally wears her heart on her sleeve, you know exactly what she is thinking by taking one look at her. She’s just incredibly… I don’t know, I wish I could be more like her sometimes
* On not comparing herself with her sister: “We see ourselves as to completely different entities. I mean, we don’t even look alike
* On relationships: “I feel like peole, a lot of girls, take things with guys very loosely, and I’m not like that. I mean, my parents have known each other since second grade and they’ve been married 22 years. I don’t need to be courted, but sometimes it’s nice, a little bit of that

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